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Issa Gammoh

Saturday, 23 June 2012

War and Beauty


We all observe, we all analyze, we all tend to see things in a different way than the world forces us to. But, we never gave them enough importance and value, because we were programmed not to. My ideas are in everyone's head but the world is a scary place, if one doesn't follow what everyone is doing the fear of the unknown and the fear of being left out is more than what we can handle. Or at least, what we think we can handle.

But let me tell you one thing my friend, if anything I learned from my very short yet rich life that I have been gifted with is that the human body, brain and spirit are tools of infinite powerinfinite tolerance and infinite capacity.

You think you may not be able to handle something you are scared of, but again the keyword is "think", it's all in your brain, and the mind can be reprogrammed to change this way of thinking. What makes us different? the choices we make, the different ways and choices that we chose to wire our brains

If everyone undergoes similar ways of upbringing, similar education, similar further education, wouldn't we all end up having similar dreams?similar fears? similar ideals? similar goals and similar personalities?

If your answer is no, then consider this question, why are we competing over things we have created? 

Yet again, this is the third article I write that revolves around peace and stems from theidentities problem.

We think we evolved and we became less racist, but what have we evolved into? we have evolved into individual identity racist


Let me start this article by this quote of mine:

"He who doesn't acknowledge the faults within, appreciate them, love them and is willing to learn from them could not be possibly able to appreciate any of the beauty that he or anyone or anything this world posseses." 

How many times did you blame anyone for something wrong you did or you failed to do? how many times did you fight with someone over something you "assumed" they thought or felt or said about you? or even better, how many times did you assume that the person sitting in front of you loves you, appreciates you, hates you, or is attracted to you? 

Well, many times, don't deny it here as well, not in my article! Let me start by saying that all these things you felt, assumed, thought or experienced about what the other person sitting in front of you might feel, assume, think about you are all in your head. In other words:

- When you assume that the person you're talking with is an asshole, well, how would you know what an asshole is without being one? 
- When you assume that that person has feelings for you, know for sure that you have feelings for them.
- When you see that all the world around you are full of ignorants, then you're the ignorant one for not trying to understand them.
- When you assume that that person is intelligent, then know for sure that you're the intelligent one for understanding what they're saying.
- When you assume that that person is judgemental and stupid, then know for sure that your limited mind has fooled you and made you judge that person which made you feel stupid.
and so on..

Your Labels and Your Brain Status

If that label your mind gave you is on the negative side, then know that the problem is in you. In my opinion you are not getting what that person is trying to say, you dont understand the way they're saying it in, and you may have some missing links.

If that label your mind gave you is on the positive side, then know that your mind pursues to become like that person. Here, your brain is in a changing processnot yet stable, not yet peaceful.

If your mind didn't give or project to you any labels when having a conversation with that person, then know for sure that this person is perfectly compatible with you and you MUST befriend them so that you'll walk the journey of life together, learn and experience together. If you're like that with everyone then know for sure that you have a peaceful mind and you're in the process of developing positively your brain.

But this is really tiring, why do we always have to give labels, define and categorize people and things? well, first it's how our mind was programmed to handle stuff throughout our lives, it's really a defence and attract mechanism, we are obliged to identify anything that passes by, it is the war of identities, the psychological war of survival.

That's why we pursue our evil desire (our emotional black hole) to obtain more identities to ourselves. These days, the more the "globally desired" identities we posses the more powerful we think we are, the more we are shielded, and sadly the more the world think of us as being powerful

But seriously, where is the beauty in that? unless you love psychological wars, consider them necessary and totally love what the world is going through right now you will disagree with me either because you simply weren't in the weak spot which billions of people are in right at this moment, or you are simply in denial that this is happening. but if you are that person, answer this question:

What is the source of the wars we have with ourselves and others other than the (not so apparent) identities we give to ourselves and others? 

You're an educated individual, coming from a high class in society, with a good reputation and money, why would you hang out with or talk to a homeless person?

Well unless you're open minded and you seek value in everything and everyone you simply can't!

Have you ever done that? if you have, then congratulations you have an amazing brain my friend and I really want to meet you. 

The Increadible Transformation 

Well, there is good news, brains can be rewired and our way of thinking can be changed! How can we start doing it? how can we start valuing everyone like we value ourselves? well, it's a hard but not an impossible process. Here we go:

The more peaceful you are the more you will see things to be beautiful around you and the more you will find beauty in people, and it is in fact such a great feeling and life to have. So why don't we reverse this phenomenal equation?

originally it is:

The more peaceful you and your brain are = The more beautiful things you see, the more beauty you see in people.

Why don't we make it this way:

The more beautiful things you see, the more beauty you see in people = The more peaceful you and your brain are.

Everyone has at least one beautiful thing that can be seen in their character or behaviour, even if there is nothing good coming out of that person, even if there is good coming out of that person covering the ugliness that is covering the good inside them.

But to convince you how much weak and unpeaceful we are try observing and thinking of these things: behind every anger there is fear, behind every problem there is worry, behind every fight there is strength, behind every judgement there is fear of being judged, behind every tear there is search for peace, behind every anxiety there is hope, behind every sad face there is desperation to be happy, and behind every smile there are many stories.

The Transformation Prerequisite

Before, we need to fulfil a prerequisite! the prerequisite is that we must see at least one beautiful thing inside us and stick to it, this will give us power and more power to see beauty inside other people.

5 major steps in which that can happen, practice and observe:

A- Find one thing that you hate the most about yourself, if it's not that clear, find a certain characteristic or behaviour that others don't like about you and hence makes you not like it or yourself in return. for example, it can be being too friendly, being too analytical, being too demanding, being too different in opinions etc..

B- Stop hating it, accept it and love it! 

C- Direct it towards people you don't know or things. for example:

- if you're too friendly, you are generally concerned about people and like to be involved in their lives, it means that you have a deep core that appreciates things, some people don't see it that way. So you need to direct it towards people who do appreciate it, these people can be found in hospitals (volunteering) schools, orphanages, elderly houses etc.. etc.. 


- if you're too analytical, and like to link things together, like to analyze, then direct it towards a bigger cause, not yourself, not other people, but it can be towards your work, courses, life in general, world issues, etc.. 

D- Step by step, you will discover that this trait that some people hated is actually doing you good! and is giving you a good feeling about yourself!

E- Keep doing this until the thing you hated before and you used to have wars with yourself about turns into the most beautiful thing you have, a trait that you wouldn't want to exchange for millions of dollars.

Your Transformation Outcomes

You will start experiencing these things gradually with time:

1-The more you see beauty inside you and appreciate it, The more positive energy you will develop in yourself (and you will feel it, it's a good feeling).

2-The more positive energy you develop in yourself, The more you and other people will feel it.

3-The more the people will feel your positive energy, the more they are comfortable and want to be close to you.

4-The more they are comfortable with you, the more they show the goodness and the beauty side inside them.

5-The more beauty they show you inside them, the easier it will be for you to see that beauty.

6-The more you see that beauty, the easier will it be for you to talk to them and the more positive energy you will develop inside them.

7-The more positive energy you will develop inside them, the more they smile at you and the more positive energy you will develop inside you.

8- The more the positive energy develops inside you, the more the beauty you will see inside you and appreciate it, and you will go back to step 1 and this repeats itself.

So Why don't we turn our wars into beautiful peaceful experiences? and if we are aiming for that, we have to start with ourselves first. 

Change comes from within, it's only when we change ourselves that we can direct and make healthy changes in other people, things and global issues.


Our goal is ALWAYS peace, and as long as we never have internal peace, we will never have an external one.

So far this has been the 3rd article about the importance of peace and the impact of its absence, and there are more to come. 

If you don't have enough inspiration yet then keep remembering all the great ones; our prophets, they all went through some time when they had nothing in their lives not even food or water and they were able to be peaceful and survive with it! and were able to change the way they and the world think for a very long time. 

May all your wars blossom into beautiful experiences and lessons.
Thank you for reading. 


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