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Issa Gammoh

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Animals in Denial

(A very important article)

How often do we use what we learned as right and wrong to judge? how often do we put labels on stuff? how often do we make these judgements guide our lives, our conversations, the people we talk to, our goals, ourselves? and tell me, what's the percentage of lives that are living in peace on the planet? if you're thinking a very small percentage, you're right! and there are 7 billion people alive increasing! so clearly, something is going horribly wrong.

What went wrong? Shall we start by going back to the state of mind we were born with? or in other words lets go back in history thousand of years ago to the moment when our conscious woke up, the moment we realized we existed, the moment we started realizing that we are more than just animals, the moment in our beloved story of "Adam and Eve".

This story lived for thousand of years, so clearly its of a very significant value, here's one of my interpretations.

Adam and Eve: 
Obviously human beings

A place where Harmony and peace exist 100% and more specifically harmony and peace in the human body, where the brain is synchronized with all the parts of the body. By harmony and synchronization I mean that Adam and Eve have a peaceful state of mind. When they had a peaceful state of mind, they (for example) craved nothing, if they craved anything they simply stopped craving it by following their insight, their feelings, the voice of their peaceful self which led them into doing the right actions to stop these cravings and go back to be in the peace they were in again.

This case of peace and imbalance applies to any physical phenomena: anything that is out of its comfort zone would perform certain actions to go back into being in its comfort zone. A ball would keep bouncing until it stops and rests, water will keep flowing until it reaches sea (neutral, rest) level. A radioactive element will decay until it becomes stable, etc.. 

The Apple: 
A Choice

The state of being where the body is not in peace and comfort anymore, where also the body isn't synchronized with the mind anymore, the body craves and doesn't know how to stop this kind of cravings, the body fights and the mind fights back, nothing is in peace anymore. Everything seems hard to get, the body seems difficult to satisfy, the mind seems difficult to be in peace, it is a state of questions, horror confusion and a lot of discomfort.

Examples? well there aren't any natural physical thing which explains what the state of hell is as as well as human beings do. Still confused? look at the misery in the world around you.

The voice of the unnecessary curiosity in our minds.

The place that is used by non peaceful human beings to create, evolve and produce things that the mind think will achieve peace in the mind and the human body and go back to being in a state of heaven again. And can you see how we are miserably failing? actually there is no need to look around you, look inside you, are you 100% happy and 100% satisfied?… the conclusion is yours.

Our higher power, The voice of our peaceful self.

Can you find the right connections and link all of this together?

The difference between Animals and Humans

When one of my friends came back from Africa, I had one of the most beautiful and enlightening conversations, he told me "Issa, can you believe that a herd of lions passed by a group of zebras, and non of the lions even had the slightest intuition to attack the zebras?", "Why?" I asked, "It is because the lions were satisfied, they weren't hungry at all" he said, and it hit me like a thunderstorm. 

We often read the quote "you should be proud of who you are and don't give a shit what anyone thinks" but what are we really? aren't we all humans? arent we all the same? don't we have the same bodies? similar minds? similar needs? we're the same! the only difference between human beings are that they exist in different forms, a Male form and a Female form. if you can't remember your biology lesson from your high school, well let us remember it together, what do humans have in common? 

1- Circulation
2- Respiration
3- Nutrition
4- Excretion
5- Response
6- Movement
7- Reproduction

If you were thinking you were different, better or worse, or anyone is different, better or worse then you are using quality no. 5 in a very inaccurate way! what has the world made of us? 

The only thing that makes us different is the difference in our true purpose in life. Like everything around us; galaxies have the same content but they exist in different forms (purpose), planets have the same shape but they exist with different content (purpose), countries have the same content (land, air, water) but they exist in different locations (purpose) trees have the same form and all of them exist for a certain reason (producing oxygen and other things) but they have different shapes (purpose) animals have the same basic behaviour but every single one of them have different levels of power in the pyramid (purpose), even in their own level in the pyramid (another purpose). 

There is a hungry alfa lion and a weak zebra, what else would feed the hungry lion and enable it to function in a healthy way in order to save its tribe and keep its environment in peace other than the weak zebra? In my opinion the weak zebra is more powerful than the lion because it has fought its best to stay alive in the life it was meant to live, but accepted that it is the weakest link in its herd and has given up the fight to the stronger lion. The zebra was in peace when it died, because it knew that this had to happen to maintain harmony for all other living things.

Simultaneously, a fulfilled lion does not get close or even intimidate the weak zebras, because the lion is in a state of peace, so it respects it and respect everything around it.

The world today is in a psychological war, we have created the ugly verse "Survival of the fittest" and we completely misunderstood it. Everyone is striving to be the fittest, the best, the most powerful, the most, the most, the most, the most… and whats worse? is that it is engraved in us that it became the only way we could live in in order gain respect and live in peace! 

In other words, all the human lions and all the human zebras are following that verse (survival of the fittest) leaving the human lions hungry which leads to their death, the human zebras powerful which leads to an increase in the population of their species and a decrease in the population of the species in a lower level of the pyramid. Also, if you look at it from another point of view human zebras aren't simply as powerful and as wise as human lions in maintaining the peace around their environment, thus the fact that more power is gained by human zebras than by human lions would disturb the peace everywhere in the region around them which eventually creates a state of mind of Hell. The problem doesnt only end here, not only human zebras are striving for power for misunderstood reasons but also human penguins, human horses, human trees, human bees, human (fill in the blank) etc.. etc.. everyone wants to be the most powerful. The ending product? The current product; the world around us.

We are born to find peace and live with it but we continuously miss it by thinking that following the footsteps of the people around us would lead us there and have the false perception that peace can be found by gaining one or all of the 3 most important deadly words:

Power (over things and people)

If you're not convinced in that, that we are searching for peace in the wrong places then consider these examples:

What is technology doing? Technology is improving the ways in which the tools we use that help us live our daily lives become more convenient, easier and simpler to use. Why do we pursue simplicity? to do less effort, what do we gain when we do less effort? we gaincomfort and peace.

Why are there (n) number of religions these days? different religions rose from different ways of thinking different societies posses. But all of them have 2 thing in common: reaching heaven (peace) and were taught by human beings we call Prophets who had the ultimate peace inside them and were able to understand how the universe worked.

You can think of anything, anything you are doing, anything anyone is doing, any act by anyone, anyone's goal, anything anyone is thinking of and if you extrapolate it, it will lead you to one answer, which is finding peace.

The only thing we are blinded by is the concept that the world is making us blind to see the correct ways in which peace can be achieved. 

A wise woman once told me "We are all born like circles, everyone is a peaceful circle, with time, we start carving these circles to form a piece that would fit in a puzzle that is called society." Well, why can't we chose to realize and convince ourselves that puzzles (societies) can also be formed out of circles connected to each other by a non physical phenomena? and trust me my friend, it is these uncompleted carved circles that are making us unsettle at any moment in our lives.

-It is the need to achieve and stick to ourselves "worthy" labels that makes us compare, differentiate, hate, be greedy and separate ourselves from others.
-It is the fear of rejection that would make us throw away our self-respect and stick with people who have more power to NOT give up their own.
-It is the fear to hurt and to be hurt that would make us refuse to say our opinions, reflect, express and be our own peaceful circle.
-It is the fight to win that continuously puts us out of harmony and serenity as we are originally supposed to be.
-It is the curiosity of the mind that wants to find out what would an Apple taste like.
-It is the doubt that there is something wrong with us that keeps us from being our best.

These are imbalances that only make us true "Animals In denial". 

Why is peace specifically important for us these days?

- Peace gives you the ultimate power to be what your true purpose tells you to be.
- Peace gives you the ultimate strength to use the tools you have accumulated throughout your life to be that person mentioned above.
- Peace gives you unlimited access to forgiveness and understanding.
- Peace gives you power to face any kind of situation and anyone you face in your life.
- Most importantly eace gives you the full ability to enjoy the life around you
- Even more imprtantly, peace gives you the strength to guide other people towards peace.
- And its a state of comfort, a state where everything and anything look beautiful.

and many more… 

In other words, human words, peace is the ultimate positive power known to mankind.


Remove yourself from all the labels you or others have created for yourself, remove everyone you know from the labels you have created for them, even if you think you deserve them or not, even if you think they deserve them or not. The only labels we should give ourselves is being a Male or being a Female. Remember that each and every person you dealt with and every tiny experience you lived contributed to what you are right now. If you're satisfied about yourself right now you should be thankful, if you're not satisfied remember that you're still on the way to being satisfied (this is only for people who are seeking peace and not for people who are seeking labels thinking that this will lead them to peace, this leads to nowhere but temporary peace, please know the difference). So be hopeful and thankful! Just free your mind, uncontaminated your brain and stop filtering. We are all here for a reason, and that reason is to pursue our true purpose in life and live in peace with each other like all other creations of the universe. Unfortunately, some people lost their way into finding their true purpose making everyone around them lost and unbalancing the peace around them, don't allow yourself to fall into this kind of tragedy. Nothing and no one is good or bad; day cannot exist without night, hot cannot exist without cold, anger cannot exist without peace, positive cannot exist without negative, everything is in complete balance. 

For us, everything was originally balanced (we were in heaven and peace) until we took the wrong decision, decided that our peace depended on the outside world and decided that we should eat the apple. We are all created the same way, it is how mankind raises their own children that messes things up! stop doing that to yourself and others, be the improved version of yourself, let the power of the universe and the true wisdom of your peaceful self be your guides and everlasting parents, make peace to be the top goal in your life, strive for it and live in it! the peace that everyone is indirectly looking for, the peace that all the great people and prophets talk about, the peace that everyone is blindly fighting for.


1- Convince yourself that peace is on the top of your list of achievements.
2- Appreciate everything and everyone around you and allow them to be your guides and feedback to every step you make to achieve peace.
3- Stop running after what you want.
4- Start running after what you need.
5- Remember that the more knowledge you acquire and the more experiences you have, the faster you are likely to achieve peace based on your own potential and your own understanding of things.
6- After finding peace start finding your true purpose, it will ALWAYS be something that involves contributing positively to yourself and humanity, in a small scale or a big scale. If it is not then its not your purpose its your emotional black hole (from the article Hello Worlld)  and strive to achieve it.
7- Be proud of your true purpose only and strive to fulfill it. Well, there's no need for that because you will realize that you should be proud of it due to the large amount of peace it will give you.

These things require courage and strength, human beings always have a flare for potential change, this flare dies away if we don't feel that we need it or feel the need to use it, and when it dies, it will be a one way route, no going back, no change. So I recommend you start the process of freeing your mind before your flare dies away and you're stuck the way you are.

Does this require money? well of course, don't you want to live? there are organizations that could help you gain experiences by giving you internships or jobs in different countries, you will have enough time to find yourself, have the chance to be exposed to different environemtns and experiences no matter how small they seemed in your eyes, such as having a conversation with someone you meet on the road. Also, these organizations can also give you money for doing a temporarly valuable decent job.

Last but not least, stop following what you want and start feeling and running towards what you need. Following what you need always and ALWAYS will lead you to a better place than when you follow what you want, even if the road was bumpier and even if it means that you would lose some people or some things.

Will you lose track of whats right and wrong? NO! because knowing whats right and wrong has always been perspective. Feeling whats right and whats wrong is the true answer to any question, this can only be achieved when you achieve peace. You will understand the balance, the harmony, the perfection of the universe and it is then that you will be able to perform the ultimate correct judgements in order not to disturb your peace and peace of the world around you.

Thank you for reading and may peace find you and always be with you.

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