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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Our Undervalued Instrument

Lately, I have been having a repeated scenario of the following dialogue: 

Me: "Their Voice."
Friend: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN? you found out that that person is a good influence/ negative influence/ whether saying the truth or not/ having problems/ depressed/ having a lot on their mind/ expecting something/ waiting for something/ excited about something/ hiding something only by talking to them for less than 5 minutes?
Me: "Yes, sound travels fast doesn't it?" 
Friend: "Okay…?"
Me: "Ya, so you don't need more than 5 minutes of talking do you?"  ;) 
Friend: "I don't understand."

The thing my friend doesn't know is that everyone has the ability to do this kind of interpretation, but no one gives it value or importance, for me it has played me in a lot of important roles in my life such as which people do I choose to be close to and which ones should I keep away from, for my own previous serious reasons. thats why I gave it importance and developed it. Here's my explanation:

What do we give out when we talk? we give out and produce sounds! don't we? and what is the simplest definition of sound? sound is a form of energy transferred from one medium to another, this energy is defined by mostly 8 properties (we are not going to go in details about all of them) However, 2 of them can only be used for this kind for interpretation. Pitch and loudness.

Now in order to understand more, let us go in details about how we produce and detect sounds, I promise I will keep this as simple as possible, only if you bare with my drawing skills and try to understand what I am trying to say. But before, let us do an experiment together shall we?

Part 1
Step 0: Focus and take it seriously and observe.
Step 1: take 2 deep breaths.
Step 2: think and say in your mind "I love you" 5 times.
Step 3: directly after that say "I hate you" out loudly with your voice.

Part 2
Step 0: Re-focus and retake it seriously and observe.
Step 1: take another 2 deep breaths
Step 2: think and say in your mind "I hate you" 5 times
Step 3: directly after that say "I love you" out loudly with your voice.

Did you notice anything? in Part 1, when you said out loudly "I hate you" your voice was soft and soothing.
in Part 2: when you said out loudly "I love you" your voice was harsh and coarse. in both situations after saying the expressions out loudly you must have felt slightly confused! thats right, its your brain's way of telling you that something is not right. If you didn't observe that, re do it again. If you still didn't observe that, stop reading the article!



- The Beautiful Instrument Player: Our Beautiful Minds.
- Wind Instrument: Our wind pipe (voice).
- A,B and C: different sound waves coming out of the same person.
- Lines around the body and above the head: YOUR SPIRIT! joking, they're there for a dramatic effect :P

Our wind pipe is like a wind instrument, I am sure you've heard this expression before. Its true! air comes in your mouth or nose, and whenever we want to say something, the air inside is used by our wind instrument to produce the sound we want to project.

Also, as it is known, any wind instrument can produce different notes depending on the depth of the location in the instrument that air is being projected from, the deeper the sound produced means that air is being projected from deeper regions of the wind pipe, hence deeper regions in our body and vice versa.

The perfect voice coming out showing a perfectly healthy and a relaxed person is when the woman playing in the picture relaxes her hands (i.e the brain is relaxed) and thus sound is produced naturally and without any pressure and when sound is produced naturally, it resonates beautifully when it is heard or when it is projected into a room. When the lady in the drawing (again our mind) blocks many holes, a shallower high pitched or low pitched sound is projected, biologically the wind pipe is stressed, in the drawing we have 3 major examples:

A- This sound is high pitched, being projected from very shallow regions in the body, closer to the brain, people with high pitched voices are sensitive and easily get out of their peaceful zone due to excitement, tension, worrying and any reason that might trigger the production of adrenaline. They tend to think more and fast (For healthy or unhealthy reasons) people with high pitched voices show an amplified version of their character.

B- Sound produced from this region sounds much similar to your natural voice but without the resonance in it (everyone has a different natural voice, some are deeper or shallower than others, but it is the sound produced when you're 100% relaxed), sound produced from there is not too close to the heart or not too close to the mind, people with "similar-to-their-natural-voice" voices tend to be people who are clear, direct, and good talkers. But still not everything said may always reflect their true character or what is really going on inside their minds.

C- Sound produced form this region is often deep, slow and lacks resonance, its a sound produced after the air goes deep down and gets close to the heart, people with deep and no resonance voices often lack motivation, depressed, having a lot of emotional problems. The status reflected from this type of voice often shows a de-amplified version of the person's character. These are people who chose to think slowly, be patient, cautious and more observing.



Detecting and acknowledging sounds has lost its value and importance throughout time because people got really busy in being superficial, this is not only applied to listening, but also to all of our senses. This is probably due to the fact that throughout time the amount of things that we see, hear, feel and taste became more than what our senses can handle hence welcome to being superficial!

Songs and music are probably 99% of the world's population's current best friend. why? the answer is simple, songs like humans are a continuous flow of energy (in this case its sound) for a specific period of time, that may also include information if there is a singer. like humans, songs and music portray certain emotions and thoughts (if there are words). So answer me, do we love anything more than people or music who share the same emotions as we do? when we are sad we listen to sad music, it makes us feel calm, or share the sadness with a friend who understands (shared the same emotions). when we are sad and want to be happy, we listen to exciting music or call an exciting friend. when we are happy and excited we listen to exciting songs and call exciting and happy friends. etc.. etc..

Understanding what someone is saying is different than understanding what someone is portraying.

Some people say happy stuff while portraying a sad character.
Some people say professional stuff while portraying a non serious character.
Some people say informative stuff while portraying weak character and a character full of doubt.
Some people say useful stuff while portraying an offensive passive aggressive character (I used to be this way, I apologize for some people)

but which ones should we pay attention to? well believe it or not most people (also there are exceptions) without knowing it pay attention to the "way stuff are said" and ignoring "what is actually being said". And would actually reply based on the way stuff was said alsowithout knowing it. The best interpretation is to do both, to keep focus of what the person is saying and the purpose of saying it, but we are often misguided by our ignorant minds. This needs practice and awareness to get used to pay attention to both.

Whatever you have been through in your life, whatever experience that led you to a certain emotion you have felt is recorded and engraved in your brain, and if you are aware of all of your emotions (sadness, strength, passion, love, stress etc..) very well and identify them when you feel them yourself, you can actually detect and identify sounds (energy/ emotions) coming out of people and know what are they feeling, because we are the same human beings (ILLUSTRATION B). Sounds coming out of people can also be accumulated inside your brain to build the character of that person according to your own perspective, and what is a character other than a set of different emotions? Does this ring a bell? ;)


1- Choosing people in your life: We are often reminded of the quote, always be around people who would lift you higher, well guess what? this technique will help you detect those people. everyone has this technique inside them but most are probably not aware of it, or chose to ignore it. And if you are smart enough and not selfish, you would sometimes feel that you can't be a a positively influential friend on some people, and would make yourself step away.

2- Preparing your voice for many purposes: besides knowledge, job interviews often select people which high passion and motivation which can be detected from your voice, that is given that the interviewer knows what passion or motivation is and have their corresponding emotions recorded in their mind. A speech needs a voice full of confidence and power so that people would listen, which is also reflected by your voice. etc.. etc..

3- Being there for a friend/ member of your family: we often confront people who chose to lie about what they are feeling, but the truth is no one can hide what is going on inside them from their voice, if you feel that someone is sad but you see them smile, go with confidence and tell them, "is something wrong? you can talk to me" and if that person feels safe around you, they will.


1- Pay more attention to your voice.
2- Train it, and give it importance.
3- Know exactly what is the range of the instrument inside you.
4- Observe the voice that comes out of you when you are in different states of mind and memorize them.
5- Try to understand the voices coming out of people and your friends and not only what they say, but dont always act upon the way stuff said because some people are not aware of how to project information the correct way, but this is important for other reasons, who knows someone might be in deep trouble without showing it.

And last but not least, Always try to be relaxed and in peace so that you will always be in a state of mind that doesn't only produce your own natural beautiful voice but also reflect your true beautiful character, and many other great powers that peace gives you.

here's a 100% sample of my natural relaxed voice and a 75% reflection of my true character: 

(from minute 0 to 1:00)

hope you enjoyed and benefit from the reading
enjoy your own resonance :) 


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