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Issa Gammoh

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Our Internal Light

Humans are born in a perfect way, what happens? The outside world.

Every time one forms a memory some changes occur in the brain, what changes exactly? The brain's wiring. What does that mean? it's simple, it's how the brain is connected to its internal parts.

To be more clear follow this sequence:

Event X happens in one's life
Formation of memory
Brain forms a new Link somewhere
Formation of new feeling, behaviour, or thought

Wiring in our brains might hinder us from feeling or being the best we can be, and in my opinion being the best we can be is being perfect human beings; fully spiritual, fully compassionate, internally powerful, influential over ourselves, loving ourselves, everyone and everything around us. Basically having a heavenly feeling on earth no matter what the outside circumstances were.

To understand what is happening more clearly here is a simple technical analogy:

In Electrical Engineering there's a very simple rule which says: If you connect 2 light bulbs in 2 different ways, the operation and the light intensity shown will be different.

Parallel circuit (Left): if one bulb turns off, the others will stay on and wont be affected.
Series circuit (Right): if one bulb turns off, all the bulbs will turn off.

Why does this matter? The above 3 bulbs can be anything externally that is linked to the internal well being, lets have a simple yet common example and represent the above 3 bulbs to be:

1- Money
2- Self-Motivation
3- Confidence

Just as how these circuits might work, we are confronted in our lives to many situations that make us connect these 3 things in different ways (from the way we were brought up to the culture we end up living in), 2 of these ways are shown above.

Let's take one example:

Person A has these 3 factors connected in parallel, when the amount of money they get decreases (bulb goes off), the other bulbs wont be affected and that person's level of self motivation remains somehow constant because it is not directly dependent on monetary gain. That person will also remain high in confidence and will possibly be able to fix the situation that is causing this decrease in income as fast as they can.

Person B thinks about these factors in a series way, that person has the perception that the external factor (money) is directly linked to that person's level of self confidence and what they may not know is that increasing these two factors will increase their self-motivation. However, what happens if the bulb of money turns off someday? The other bulbs will turn off and their life will probably end up not as expected leading to more bad things.

The above is just a simple example out of many and does not satisfy extreme cases. However, there exists many other examples, the number of things we make ourselves dependent on and our self well-being and sense of satisfaction is just as much as there are wirings in the brain.

We are programmed from our childhood to think in one common way, all these memories and circuits of bulbs are created due to what we observe and learn from the outside world. From the moment we are born to the moment we die; Since we are in a system that is growing in restricting individuals to be what they really want to be everyone is mainly following the same cycle, naturally our brains acquires similar connections and behaviours as the brain connections in everyone around us.

Striving to possess money has been a constant struggle and most of the people are not sure whether they will be satisfied with it or not. A couple of months ago, a Russian millionaire opened his window and threw thousands of dollars to the people on the street, and he was laughing while saying to the press “I have been fooled all that time by this illusion of happiness”, on the other end, people down the street were fighting like animals in order to capture all that money. Money is just one example.

Where is the problem?

The problem comes when we miss to find out that being our best emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, physically, etc.. may be possibly hindered by few connections that depend on certain unimportant external factors.

So how does one change these wires and connections in their brain and make their true human nature (the nature of true intelligence, of true wisdom, of true loving, of true happiness of true satisfaction) be lighted in them?

By detaching oneself from the influence of the outside world. Buddhists believe that this life is temporary and that humans should not base the comfort of their inner selves on it.

Everyone is perfect in their own way, intelligent in their own way, creative in their own way, happy in their own way, and loving in their own way. All what one has to do is find that way and stick to it.

In order to allow yourself to control your life, your destiny and your happiness you must not let your external life have any negative influence on you, and only have two circuits working in parallel: 
You and the Outside World.

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